Skin Cell Senescence


Skin Cell Senescence is the loss of a cell’s power of division and growth. It results in the decline of skin function and integrity by impairing the homeostasis and regeneration of the tissue. The skin starts showing signs of dermal atrophy: it loses collagen and it becomes thinner, while wrinkles start to appear. Senescent cells can accelerate ageing by promoting chronic inflammation of the outer layers of the skin, their persistent degradation and stem cell exhaustion.


Developed by the Swiss life science company, SynDermix AG, the Énielle® Skin Cell Senescence Antidote N°1 serum combines years of ground-breaking scientific research with the power of nature. The key ingredient to our serum is T-Mero-Protect®, a protein extracted from the red kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), that works in synergy with other carefully selected active ingredients. Thanks to its innovative extraction method, the red kidney bean extract used in our serum is absolutely natural in origin, with a unique activity profile.
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Red kidney beans are able to withstand and survive harsh environments thanks to their protective shield and the resilience qualities of T-Mero-Protect®. The Énielle® Skin Cell Senescence Antidote N°1 serum provides a protective dermal shield, similar to that of the red kidney bean, while keeping the skin light and supple. The serum has multiple beneficial effects and is proven to fight skin cell senescence, reduce the visible signs of ageing and skin imperfections within the first days of application.

It is extracted exclusively for Énielle®, according to a standardised process that is Énielle’s well-kept trade secret, and ensures consistency in the production and quality of the extract – in strict conformity with the specifications set in the Certificate of Analysis. The safety and efficacy of our unique formulation have been validated by three clinical studies and hundreds of test users who have been using the Antidote N°1 serum worldwide.


Énielle® Skin Cell Senescence Antidote N°1 is a Lectin Complex Anti-ageing serum that delivers what it promises: immediate, visible, clinically-proven results that stem from years of scientific research. With T-Mero-Protect®, a unique signature extract derived from the red kidney bean, it is a fusion of carefully selected natural active ingredients proven to help regenerate the skin on a cellular level and increase its vitality drastically. Enjoy a smooth complexion without wrinkles, blemishes and age spots.