Énielle is a leading-edge Swiss skin serum that delivers visible, striking results to the skin within just one month of use.

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We have been busily working on the new branding of Énielle’s flagship skincare serum, based on our science and the real-world feedback of our wonderful tester community. We are excited to announce that Énielle’s serum will launch this year (2021) and that we will be rolling out our branding over the next few months. Stay tuned!
Hint: A wander through our new website will give you a first sneak preview of our new branding!

Énielle® Breakthrough Complexion Serum

Swiss Scientific Innovation

Integrating years of ground-breaking scientific research and innovation, Énielle is specially crafted with natural active ingredients, which are proven to help regenerate the skin on a cellular level. The safety and efficacy of our unique formulation have been validated by three clinical studies and and by over 1000 real world users of Énielle Serum.

Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces red areas and blemishes, making the skin noticeably clearer, brighter and radiant
Promotes and speeds up epithelial cell renewal in areas of skin damage
Hydrates the skin and enhances its firmness, elasticity and structure
Visibly improves the relief of the skin and its smoothness
Boosts the synthesis of collagen, destroyed in the upper layers of the skin helping to recover the skin’s vitality and slow down senescence

Ingredients of Énielle®

T-MERO-PROTECT®, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Lupine Protein, Manihot Esculenta Tuber Extract, Orange Stem Cells, Scultellaria Baicalensis Georgi Root Extract.

Our Story

With deep roots in the life sciences, Énielle Serum was created in Switzerland through a fusion of scientific innovation with the power of nature. Combining carefully selected natural active ingredients with a unique signature extract that is exclusively produced for Énielle (T-MERO-PROTECT®), the serum’s proprietary formulation captures years of scientific research and delivers an array of clinically proven benefits to the skin.

Become a part of ÉNIELLE’s story

One of the major advantages of being a new cosmetics brand is that we get to involve you, our tester or customer, in making Énielle’s history and future.

Énielle serum is our pioneering cosmetic product, which has been clinically proven to:

  • Improve the microrelief of the skin, making the complexion appear radiant, smooth and healthy
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as redness and blemishes
  • Increase skin elasticity, firmness and moisture.

The serum does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens or colourants and is cruelty-free.

What real-life users are saying

Now that the bottle is empty, I definitely miss the effects

Female, 57 years

Particularly effective on neck area

Female, 48 years

Was sceptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised

Male, 44 years

Absorbs easily and quick to apply

Male, 36 years

I love it! My skin immediately felt extremely smooth and it seemed to make my skin feel taut.

Male, 49 years

I've very much enjoyed using it and my skin certainly feels lifted, plumper and smoother, with immediate benefits.

Female, 56 years

Have skin irregularity on elbow (dry itchy spot). The result was amazing! After 3 days all was gone!

Male, 64 years

Leaves the skin very smooth. Enjoyed the sense of freshness. I would definitely use it again.

Male, 34 years

Spreads easily across surface of skin, feels cool and dries fast. My skin looks brighter and smoother.

Female, 29 years

Less fine wrinkles, less redness, even skin. I tend to easily break out with spots using serums or creams.

Female, 36 years

Silky and pleasant, easy to apply and enjoyable, skin feels tight straight away.

Female, 66 years

I hope to find it on the market soon!

Female dermatologist, 70 years

My skin is more elastic, more tight and smoother.

Female, 64 years