Created by a life sciences company specialised in skin science, Énielle® is a premium skincare serum differentiated by its unique formulation of carefully selected bioactive ingredients, its clinically-proven, versatile action, and its fast results.  

The serum integrates years of scientific research and know-how, ground-breaking innovation and a proprietary formula composed of nine naturally derived active ingredients — each hand-picked for the scientifically proven benefits that it delivers to the skin.

Combining these ingredients, the formulation of Énielle Serum provides a dermal protective shield with multiple beneficial effects that attenuate the visible signs of ageing and skin imperfections within the first days of application.

Key results from efficacy study

An Énielle efficacy study has been conducted by a certified independent laboratory in compliance with the Good Clinical Practice regulations and the guidelines of the European Cosmetics Association (COLIPA).

The serum was applied twice daily on the face for a period of three consecutive months by 50 female volunteers, aged between 31 and 62 years, with normal to sensitive skin.

The effects of the product on wrinkles, red areas, smoothness, moisture and elasticity were assessed using methodologies consistent with the relevant guidelines at one and three months. Sensorial evaluations by the subjects and by the supervising dermatologist were also conducted.


average increase in skin smoothness after just 1 month of use


average decrease in wrinkles feature count after just 1 month of use


increase in skin moisture within 30 minutes of application

Average % increase in skin elasticity from initial baseline

Average % decrease of absolute wrinkles score from initial baseline

Visible improvements to the skin

After three months of using Énielle Serum, the volunteers demonstrated both a quantitative reduction and qualitative improvement of facial wrinkles.

Key results from two safety studies:

Further to the efficacy study of Énielle Serum, the product has been demonstrated to be well-tolerated by normal to sensitive skin types (in a study involving 20 female and male volunteers) and to be safe to use in the periocular areas of the face (in a third study involving 10 female volunteers). The studies were supervised by a dermatologist and an ophthalmologist, respectively.

100% of volunteers experienced zero adverse skin reactions

Overall opinion of the volunteers who have used Énielle® Serum

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