Énielle® Skin Cell Senescence Antidote N°1 delivers what it promises: immediate, visible, clinically-proven results that stem from years of scientific research. It addresses problems of ageing skin correlated to skin cell senescence, such as preventing and delaying facial wrinkles and red areas of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
100 %
100 %
Mineral Oils​
100 %
100 %
100 %
Ingredients of Animal Origin​
Enielle advantages and commitments
  • Improves the microrelief of the skin, making the complexion appear radiant, smooth and healthy

  • Specially crafted entirely of natural active ingredients, which are proven to regenerate the skin on a cellular level

  • Increases skin elasticity, firmness and moisture

  • Environmentally conscious: our plants are grown using sustainable farming techniques and carefully harvested to ensure optimal properties and performance of the active ingredients

  • Does not contain harsh chemicals, parabens or colourants and is cruelty-free

  • Dermatologically and clinically tested


Be part of Enielle’s story and gain fantastic benefits. We have been busily working on crafting the best skincare products for you, based on our science and the real-world feedback of our wonderful community. We are here to listen to your comments, share our news and give you that little bit extra pampering that you so rightfully deserve.