The Importance of Skin Hydration

The Importance of Skin Hydration

The start of a new year brings new year’s resolutions, actions and habits surrounding our health. Whilst we head to the gym and focus on our diet, knowing the importance of healthy & hydrated skin isn’t something to skip when we start improving ourselves.

From temperature regulation to eliminating toxins and being a protective barrier to harmful environments, our skin performs several important functions that will keep us healthy. In order to be healthy, we must keep our skin hydrated.

Our skin’s health also affects its appearance. Dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkles, fine lines, rough and dull skin due to Skin Cell Senescence (learn more here). Investing in skincare products that fight skin senescence through hydration is the best way to improve skin, especially if you’re wanting to prevent the look of ageing skin.

How to hydrate skin

Hydrated skin is healthy skin! The most important way to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking more water, and less coffee. As caffeine is a diuretic (helping rid your body of salt and water), it can make your skin dehydrated if consumed often. Eating foods that are rich in essential fatty acids will also improve your skin hydration level, so include fish, nuts and seeds, and plant oils into your diet.

With the effects drinking water has on your skin, using water-based skincare is the best way to keep your skin healthy. Water-based skincare can help to instantly rejuvenate the skin by penetrating the deeper layers of skin. Not only does it quench your skin’s thirst, but it also helps plump your complexion.

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